October 22, 2018

Chrome Extension: Bulk Google Webmaster Outdated Content Removal

My little Google Webmaster Tool Bulk URL Removal chrome extension has gained quite a bit of usage. Several of those users have brought to my attention that Google Webmaster Tools also provides a way to remove outdated content, but it has a similar shortcoming: you can only remove outdated URLs one at a time. Recently, after wrapping up another side project, I decided to take a quick stab at this. You can find my extension here: https://github.com/noitcudni/google-webmaster-tools-bulk-outdated-content-removal.

  • Download the zip from github Download the zip file from github

  • Unzip it somewhere.

  • Go to chrome://extensions/ inside your chrome browser and turn on developer mode.

  • Click on Load unpacked extension and load the extension.

  • Create a CSV file with the outdated URLs. For example:


  • Go to https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/removals and you should now have a "Upload Your File" button. Please note that the extension button next to your address bar doesn't do anything, so don't click on it. Click on the "Upload Your File" button and select the csv file you created in step 5. Upload your file to start bulk outdated content removals
Tags: chrome extension seo tools