February 24, 2022

Make good use of your Google Location Data

It's tax season here in the US. A friend of mine was trying to find ways to extract his Google Location data into a spreadsheet, where he could easily calculate the total mileage for the year, so that he could write that off as part of his business expense. He tried out several chrome extensions out there, but all of them seemed to run into google's API imposed limit and the much dreaded captcha. He came to me and asked if I could come up with a better work around, so I decided to take a look.

After some googling, I found that Google has a service called Google Takeout, whereby users can download their personal data, including location data, in one go.

I wrote a chrome extension (in clojurescript, of course) that takes in a takeout zip file, unzips it, parses the location json files and displays all the data in a human readable, tabular format. I also added filtering capabilities, download as CSV, etc.

You can check out my demo video by clicking on the link below.

Demo Video

I have already gotten some customers using it. Some of them have given me invaluable feedback. I'll release an update soon.

In case you missed it, here's the link again.


Tags: google location timeline chrome extension google takeout